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Of all the materials included in Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme, we get the most questions about glass bottles. That’s why we’ve created a new section of our website dedicated to the benefits, opportunities and practicalities of including glass bottles in the scheme.

Visit our new page to learn about the climate change benefits, economic opportunities and the other countries that already include glass in their schemes.

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85% of Scots say glass should be in

A YouGov survey commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland shows that 85% of people in Scotland say glass bottles should be in the scheme. In stark contrast, a mere 8% say they should not be included.

With carbon savings of 1.2 million tonnes anticipated over 25 years, the decision to include glass is not only popular – it’s part of the fight against the climate emergency.

See our press release here or read Zero Waste Scotland's Chief Operating Officer, Jill Farrell, in The Scotsman.

It’s also got the backing of Jaw Brew. The craft brewery puts the environment at the heart of their business – they’ve already made beer from leftover bread to help tackle food waste. With most of their beer coming in glass bottles, they’re looking forward to seeing more of that recycled.

20p deposit could take a huge dent out of littering

As many as 31,000 plastic bottles could vanish from Scotland’s streets, beaches and green spaces every single day. That 20p will give people an extra incentive to recycle their empty bottles and cans, and make people think twice about dropping them. We’ve also calculated the potential reduction for every local authority in Scotland.

Read more about the potential litter reductions here.

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